Invitation to the agility race


We would like to invite you to the IABC in 2016, an official FCI agility race!


The date of the race:              10-12. June 2016. (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)

The location of the race:        Hungary, Esztergom, Grante Hotel, H-2509 Esztergom

Dorogi u. 5-7.



The three courses will be on the site of the airport, on natural grass, not football field quality, but equal, cut grass field.

Races:                                     The races will be organized according to the rules of the IABC:

                                               Individual race

                                               Team race

                                               Pair race

                                               Race of the Nations

Planed judges:                                   The judges will be finalized at the end of 2015.

(Planned judges: Mr. Antonin Grygar, Mr. Tamás Tráj and two more judges.)

Entry fee:                               To all of the races of IABC 60 Euro/first dog, for every second and all the other dogs, 52 Euro/dog.

Deadline of entry and payment:

The entry will be open to all foreign competitors on 04.01.2016, 8:00 am. For the Hungarian competitors entry will start at 01.03.2016.

The entry will be closed 07.05.2016, or when the limit of entries is filled (320 pairs).

After sending the entry form, everybody will receive a confirming e-mail, and after confirmation can the competitor pay the fee.

The entry will be accepted only after payment, you have 10 days to pay the fee, after that the entry will be canceled. After payment we can’t send back money, but you can give over the entry to somebody else, before the finale entry date. 

Sending the entry:                  We accept only online entry form at https://iabc-2016.hu homepage.

Address of payment:              The payment can be made by bank transfer for S.A.S.O.K. Egyesülete, or personally paid to the organizers.

                                               Owner of bank account: S.A.S.O.K. Egyesülete

            Owners address: Hungary, 2086 Solymár, Tavasz utca 7024/2

                                               Nam of the Bank: OTP Bank Nyrt.

                                               Address of the bank: H-1051 Budapest, Nádor utca 16,

                                               Account no.: 11713177-20003476

                                               Swift: OTPVHUHB

Other program:

Gala dinner:                Every racer will get one diner ticket, for extra dinner tickets you must ask at the entry, or you can buy at the race limited quantity for 10 Euro/ticket.

Tombola                      Every racer will get one tombola ticket, every extra tombola ticket is sold at the race, price of one ticket is 3 Euro.


At the same site other dog races will be organized, they will have separate entry forms and rules.

Official agility race:

There will be organized the Bergerac Cup, with limited 100 entries, for A1, A2, A3 level and Beginners, on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, according to the time schedule.

Entry fee: 10 EUR/ dog.

Other possibilities:

Parking:                      On the site you can park with the car, but you have to buy parking ticket, 3 EUR/ day/car.

Camping on the site:

There is possibility to camp inside the fence with caravan and mobile home. You must reserve the site at the entry. If you stay there for the night, you have to pay (above the parking):

For a tent 6,5 EUR/tent/night.

For caravan and mobile home: 10 EUR/night.

For the persons sleeping there: tax 1,5 EUR / person/day, and 0,6 EUR/day/ person for using the water.

Hotel rooms:               To reserve rooms at the Grante Hotel, on these days, it is possible only through the organizers. The VIP guests have priority at reservation.

The site:                      Inside the fences you are allowed only to walk at the assigned places, with dogs on leash, as it is the territory of the works. You can walk your dog free at the back of the airport, without leash. You can let your dog in the pool. The racing field has no fence, and 100m from the field is a road, so don’t let your dog go free without a leash, if you can’t control it.

Every other information will be put on the homepage (www.iabc-2016.hu) and on the Facebook. You can contact on phone: Ms. Ildikó Halász tel.:+36-30-9617576, or e-mail: sasokegyesulete@gmail.com, or iabc2016@gamil.com

We are waiting for you affectionately:

The whole organizer team!


S.A.S.O.K. Egyesülete                                             MEOESZ

www.sasokegyesulete.webnode.hu                          https://www.kennelclub.hu/index.php



You are welcome!

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